The Craftsman

First created by members of Lexington Lodge No. 1, The Craftsman is a resource for Masonic education materials, articles, essays, and papers on topics of history, origins, and a variety of noteworthy issues, for those seeking more information about the Fraternity.

Rubicon Masonic Society

The Rubicon Masonic Society (RMS) is a group of regular Freemasons who promote the traditions of the fraternity by focusing on self-improvement through education, lively discussion and fellowship. The Society offers educational materials, articles, essays, commentaries, sponsors formal festive boards, and educational events to promote the characteristics most affiliated with the Ancient Heritage of the Craft.

Around the Nation

Links to Masonic sites including, lodges, magazines and publications, podcasts and other resources offering the latest news and events from around the nation on topical issues and the latest Masonic education materials.



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