“The ultimate success of Masonry depends on the intelligence of her disciples.” — Albert G. Mackey, 1875


History of the Society

The Rubicon Masonic Society is a Masonic interest group, founded in 2014 by Master Masons from several lodges in Central Kentucky. The purpose of the club is to promote the study and understanding of the traditions of Freemasonry and the conviviality of brotherhood outside the lodge.

Members of the Society are dedicated to the preservation of expressive fellowship as a means of transmitting wisdom, improving themselves, and the world around them. Meetings are held once a month in Lexington where brothers may enjoy a meal, fellowship and Masonic education presentations along with broad and in-depth discussions about our Fraternity.

The Society does not use or practice any part or parts of Masonic ritual or use Masonic regalia, signs or titles,  has no initiatic process, and confers no degrees.  The Society does not represent itself as anything but a Masonic interest group for non-casual Masons who wish to meet from time to time, enjoy the conviviality of like-minded men and engage in discussion of topics regarding Freemasonry.

Being a Full Member of this group demands that Full Members remain actively engaged with their respective lodges in offering their time and services for the benefit of the Craft. Furthermore, members do not allow their membership in the group to substitute for or supplant their involvement in regular Freemasonry.

Full Members or invited visiting guests may present thoughtful and well-researched papers before the group. Suitable topics and papers discuss Masonic symbolism, history and philosophy, and focus on the spiritual path of self-transformation in the pursuit of virtue.


Attending or Becoming a Full Member

Only Master Masons in good standing and active with their lodge will be invited to a meeting of the Rubicon Masonic Society. The Society is not a substitute for lodge.
The Society will, from time to time, invite a Master Mason in good standing to consider Full Membership and provide an Application for Membership Request form.
Coat and tie is the required dress forall meetings.



The name Rubicon was adopted along with the Latin motto, Irrevocabilis se Comittet, which means committing oneself irrevocably.
The Latin phrase, as does Rubicon, is intended to represent the commitment of members to not only the By Laws, Core Ideologies, and the Declaration of Principles of the Club, but to the principles, tenets and core ideologies of our Ancient and Honorable Fraternity of Freemasonry.


List of Members

Cameron Poe, PM
John Bizzack
Joe Miller
Chris Lewis, PM
William Kouns
Chris Stout, PGM
Clay Davis
Tim Smith
Darrin Gulla
Matthew Wright, PM
John Howard, PM
Drew Curnutte
Tim Brown
Don Combs
Brian Evans
Dan Giaquinto
Glen Teater
Jerry Johnston
Seth Sparks

Honorary Members

Thomas W. Jackson
Andrew Hammer
Michael A. Halleran
Daniel Hrinko
Richard Graeter
Patrick Craddock