Announcement – June 18, 2016
Masonic Society School Announces Pilot Course

The Masonic Society School is proud to announce its pilot course The History and Philosophy of Freemasonry, with historic readings, online video commentaries on the readings, and a discussion forum. The course will take place online October 17-December 19, 2016.

The readings and nine video commentaries will include an overview of the early operative masons, as well as the formation of the Grand Lodge of England and its constitutions, Masonic jurisprudence, the practice and nature of Masonic initiation, Freemasons at the time of the American Revolution, anti-Masonic movements, women in Masonry, Rosicrucian and Egyptian influences in Masonry, the spiritual nature of Masonry, and more. Students and the instructor will have a private forum for discussing the readings and commentaries.

The course is open exclusively to Masonic Society members. A video introduction and registration form, as well as information on joining the society, are available on the society’s website.

The instructor of the course will be Michael R. Poll, owner of Cornerstone Book Publishers. and a New York Times bestselling writer and publisher. He is a fellow and past president of The Masonic Society, and a fellow of the Philalethes Society.

For More Information Contact:

Ken Davis,, 505-918-3050


This 53 minute film presents a solid case for what is generally acknowledged today, that Freemasonry began in Scotland and not in London. In a low key and fairly polite way, in an act of kindness for those still in denial, the truth about how John Theophilus Desaguliers and James Anderson's creative vision was used to invent the myth of the Grand Lodge of 1717, is explained devoid of drama, and contextualized so that their motives are presented in an understanding and rather tolerant light. Adding strength and credibility to this effort include Robert L.D. Cooper, Roger Dachez, John Hamill, Jessica Harland-Jacobs, Keith Moore, Andrew Prescott, and David Stevenson - veritable list who's who of academic scholars of Masonic history.