September - Special Edition

April Issue
The Broken Mirror, Ruffianism, Has Freemasonry Quit Walking the Walk? Mediocre Freemasonry... Shame on Us, Organizational Behavior rand Freemasonry, The Mason as a Customer, Mother Questions


Special Edition No. 24
Masons Who Choose to Read, What Do You Know About: Hiram Abiff, Time Immemorial, When the 3rd Degree was Created,  Research Lodges, Study Groups, Lodges of Instruction and Dinner Clubs

Special Edition No. 23
Did You Know Why Masons Step off on the Left Foot, the Cable Tow, the Inner Guard, the Word Due Guard

Special Edition No. 22
Controversial Issues: How I Would Like to Remake Freemasonry, Lodge Ownership, Boring Our members to Death, Restructuring American Freemasonry, The Restaurant at the End of the Masonic University, That’s Now How we Did it in My Year, The Subculture of Masonic Lodges, Everything Old Becomes new Again, The Systems Theory Applied to Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 21
Standing Watch – The West Gate and Balloting

Special Edition No. 20
Traveling Beyond the Horizon: Esoteric Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 19
Interpreting the Misinterpreted: The Wayfarer and Melencholia I – Masonic Art or Not?

Special Edition No. 18
Mentoring in Freemasonry: Missing the Mark, Why They Didn’t Come Back

Special Edition No. 17
Freemasons Who Lost Their Lives in the Line of Duty – The Kentucky Law Enforcement Memorial

Special Edition No. 16
When You Hear Hoof Beats, What do you Think?  Rattlesnake Juice: The World of Spin, Sherlock Holmes and Arthur Canon Doyle: When Reason and Logic Stops

Special Edition No. 15
No Lost Symbols, The Story of Pierre L’Enfant and the Design of Washington D.C.

Special Edition No. 14
Clandestine and Irregular Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 13
Not an issue of The Craftsman, but a brochure suitable for family and non-Masons Posted at the request of several Brothers

Special Edition No. 12
Who Was a Mason and Who Was Not: Due Trial and Strict Examination are Lacking

Special Edition No. 11
The Lingering Effects of Fraternal High Jinks, Goats in the Lodge: Masons Must Share the Blame, Silence in Freemasonry - The Markers of Freemason

Special Edition No. 10
The Tyler, Trestleboard and Tracing Board

Special Edition No. 9
The Holocaust and Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 8
Historical Tales of Kentucky Freemasons and Events: Dueling Masons, Masons who were Early Western Explorers,  Kentuckians and the Fight for Texas Independence, The Youngest Member of the Lewis & Clark Expedition: A Lexington Freemason

Special Edition No. 7
A Whisper of Conspiracy: The Misinterpretations, Misunderstandings, Misconstruction and Ignorance Surrounding Evidence-Troubled Theories of Conspiracy and Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 6
The Concise History of Lexington Lodge No. 1 (Preserved in Original 1913 Booklet Format)

Special Edition No. 5
Theories on the Origins of Freemasonry

Special Edition No. 4
The Full Transcription of J. Winston Coleman’s History of Lexington Lodge No. 1, 1788-1951

Special Edition No. 2
225th Anniversary of the Charter for Lexington Lodge No. 1, 1788-2013

Special Edition No. 1
Reading Masons and Masons Who Do Not Read (1875 Essay by Albert Mackey), Dusting of the Cobwebs

September Issue
The Rubicon Masonic Society, 2nd Annual Masonic Festive Board, Spindletop Hall

July Issue
Charity and Service Clubs, Faith in Freemasonry, Praying in Lodge, A Different Kind of Mason, The Seasoned Mason, Are you Squared Away?

June Issue
The Dress Code Issue: To Dress or Not to Dress, Casual Etiquette and Practices, Slow Down!, Where’s Your Manners? Putting Context Back in the Debate about Dress Standards, Casualness and its Influence on the Fraternity, How to Change Decorum in Lodge in 9 Seconds, The Laudable Pursuit of Being a Gentleman

May Issue
It’s Always a Question of Leadership, To Solicit or Not to Solicit, Dues that Don’t, The Pros and Cons of the Progressive Line & the Movement to Develop Masonic Leadership, Solicitation - An Outdated Custom or Essential Line in the Sand? Deconstructing Masonic Dues Myths

February Issue
A “New” Old Way of Observing the Craft: Traditional Observance & European Concept Lodges - Restoration, Renaissance & Renewal? - The Origins and Practices - Is this the Future of Freemasonry?

January Issue
What Makes You a Mason? Oaths, Obligations & Penalties - 5 Common Objections to the Masonic Obligations